Saturday, 27 May 2017 
introduces GO DIAMOND and MOVE SELF AHEAD business ownership and entrepreneurship learning, doing, sharing and experiencing progress.

In a very interesting way; without stress or pressure and in an  easy to do step by step progress, one get to experience business growth and success. 

Activities, plenty of repeat sessions; continued practicals and initiated hands on training will bring about a regular monthly income that starts single digit and become five digit income or more. Wednesdays and Saturday afternoons workshops, lectures and training spread over 52 weeks will increase self confidence, knowledge and knowing what needs doing. Start with your flexible hours and increase time spent as and when it is convenient. 

Would you like to be in this forming of a chapter of women.
NO registration fees. No renewal frees. 
They meet on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays at Level 7, Tower One, Jaya 33,
Jalan Semangat, 46870 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Kuala Lumpur and Selangor chapters to be initiated. You can take the lead.
Enquiries to 016-3712762 (K.Thiru). 

PARTY PLAN HOME BUSINESS an interesting home challenge for women as they move towards RM10,000 monthly.


The PARTY PLAN HOME BUSINESS  is a lucrative activity or business or pass time for any stay home mother, housewife or women. Working mothers have capitalised on this using weekends, public holidays and selected weekday evenings. This is a tailored business. There is always the fun, the income, the incentives and above all enjoying meeting known and unknown people. PARTY PLAN HOME BUSINESS is a sales career to so many and yet is a pass time to twice or thrice as many others. Why is this so?

Here are some facts about this interesting opportunity.

 1. Work Your Own Hours.
 2. Need little or no capital to get started.
 3. No need to carry inventory.
 4. Risk Free. 
 5. No experiences required.
 6. Abundant training, coaching and mentoring  
 7. Need no office or showroom premises  
 8. Any living room or office space or restaurant table doubles up for discussions, showing wares and getting others started.
 9. A growing and repeat income business.
10. Great incentives, gifts, trips and celebrations.
11. ................DO YOU REALLY NEED ANY MORE? invites you  

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