Monday, 15 May 2017

  • MORE and MORE WOMEN are on success missions.
  • MORE and MORE WOMEN are earning great commissions. 
  • MORE and MORE WOMEN are succeeding in own businesses.
  • MORE and MORE WOMEN are giving up salaried positions?
  • MORE and MORE WOMEN have self empowered themselves.

 within each woman an inner motivation to excel! 

It is not just to succeed in life, but satisfying an inner urge of proving to be self dependent. Ownership of a business activity enables women to express their inner skills and ability, cross society set income levels, and have access to more materials ownership, besides the opportunity to mix with more people. Once ventured, women have shown repeatedly that theirlevels of confidence and distinct ability to drive dreams to reality cannot be suppressed. Almost all of them, but the few need the initial pat and push from behind.

Over the years, more and more women are starting or want to start a business to call their own. Women are into an assortment of owned businesses and are enjoying admirable success. Women are loving the pleasures derived from that realised desire to own a business, which now allows them to control their time, their destiny, the flexibility, the earned financial independence and their belief becoming true that there is a better way to live life and earn more. They have proven this in any and whatever the chosen endeavour be.

Their discovered success needs is not so much skills or experiences, which of course they acquire over time. Almost all women say that attributes contributed to their success. They define dedication, keenness, patience and perseverance and the will to try several times contributed the success.

Added to that was a sense of creativity, tenacity, confidence, 
courage and will to learn. Improving attempts after attempts, learning along the way, and open mindedness has put them on the success path.Once they have laid a basic tract and pathway for continued action, many women very boldly put their career, life, energy and past on the line. Their positive determination over rules the initial condemnations of family members, friends and work colleagues. Even the presence of competition and male dominated businesses is a whisper.

What about you? Do you work hard? Do you have the will to work hard? Just ask yourself if you are a self disciplined person? Are you open minded, ready to learn, keen to try, persevere; enthusiastic, ready to pick yourself up after each fall, patient but filled with passion and full of endurance to learn? 

It is your turn to look at and consider yourself for a workable business plan. That first quality is keenness to know. We will meet you and share with you details about being Home Party Plan NUTRITION and SKIN CARE Consultants in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Ipoh, Seremban and Penang. 

Candidates may be working, working or stay home mothers, retired couples, singles, or students awaiting results. All applicants must speak good English, willing to learn and wanting to earn big. 

Call Mr K Thiruselvam at 016-3712762 for an appointment.

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