Thursday, 11 May 2017

How Entrepreneurs Earn $!!!K within 2 years!! 

Simply put it means to “Work Smarter and Not Harder” As we learn to leverage and automate and network, we allow ourselves more time and venues to make as much money as possible with as little effort and energy as possible. While earning an income, creating a passive and parallel income is what entrepreneurs can do, and doing so is no extra dime spent, but a growing income for more people. 
What you would be interested is how much money can you earn within 24 months, how much effort is this going to take, how much do I need to spend or invest, how much time of my daily life will this take and what becomes of my efforts after 24 months? We have used 24 months as a time frame. It can be more or less and is up to the entrepreneur to be.
MOVE SELF AHEAD and GO DIAMOND are training programmes to help any individual get started. Both are the same. One on Wednesday afternoons for the benefit of stay home mothers or women in shift duties. The other on Saturday afternoons for the employed and others. This is not special training, but coaching, guiding, confidence and self esteem building and practicals on person to person basis and income generating created situations. Everyone starts equal, from the ground up and everyone has the same destination. Arrival time may differ.
To earn, needs training, guidance and mentoring. You got to love the learning process and above all is believe in self and ability with trust in others in your training group. Make the decision. Join and get started. The business is yours. Starting a business - any business- is not easy. Getting used to changes takes time. 
Fears, doubts, apprehensions and procrastination are comforting enemies, that delays or stops the start attitude. Within a month, negative elements have flown out the window. When positivism and passion dominates, nothing stops you. Past attempts, failures and no successes are the very reasons to get started again and again. 
Be stubborn to begin. Be stubborn to allocate time. Be stubborn to be committed. Be organized. Be planned.

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