Saturday, 20 May 2017 introduces GO DIAMOND and MOVE SELF AHEAD business ownership and entrepreneurship learning, doing, sharing and experiencing progress.
In a very interesting way; without stress or pressure and in an  easy to do step by step progress, one get to experience business growth and success. 

Activities, plenty of repeat sessions; continued practicals and initiated hands on training will bring about a regular monthly income that starts single digit and become five digit income or more. Wednesdays and Saturday afternoons workshops, lectures and training spread over 52 weeks will increase self confidence, knowledge and knowing what needs doing. Start with your flexible hours and increase time spent as and when it is convenient. 

Kuala Lumpur and Selangor enquiries to 016-3712762 from: K.Thiru

PARTY PLAN HOME BUSINESS an interesting home challenge for women as they move towards RM10,000 monthly.


The PARTY PLAN HOME BUSINESS  is a lucrative activity or business or pass time for any stay home mother, housewife or women. Working mothers have capitalised on this using weekends, public holidays and selected weekday evenings. This is a tailored business. There is always the fun, the income, the incentives and above all enjoying meeting known and unknown people. PARTY PLAN HOME BUSINESS is a sales career to so many and yet is a pass time to twice or thrice as many others. Why is this so?

Here are some facts about this interesting opportunity.

 1. Work Your Own Hours.
 2. Need little or no capital to get started.
 3. No need to carry inventory.
 4. Risk Free. 
 5. No experiences required.
 6. Abundant training, coaching and mentoring  
 7. Need no office or showroom premises  
 8. Any living room or office space or restaurant table doubles up for discussions, showing wares and getting others started.
 9. A growing and repeat income business.
10. Great incentives, gifts, trips and celebrations.
11. ................DO YOU REALLY NEED ANY MORE? invites you  
STAY HOME WOMEN can bring small changes in their lives by having friends over to the home, twice or thrice monthly. HOME PARTY PLAN BUSINESS brings fun and variety to an otherwise home bound dull and boring life scenario. 

MOVE SELF AHEAD and GO DIAMOND are easy to follow and practice business ownership training programmes. has much to share. also shares and throws light on this potential and continually growing ( for the past 55 years) HOME PARTY PLAN BUSINESS.

Training is in progress for working or stay home mothers and others keen to get started on an extra income opportunity. ANYBODY and EVERYBODY including singles or couples and working or non working mothers can get started in this wonderful HOME PARTY PLAN BUSINESS Training, coaching and working with you up your chosen path of success in HOME PARTY PLAN BUSINESS.

HOME PARTY PLAN BUSINESSES have been around for hundreds of years, and only in the past 55 odd years, did it actually have the commercial springboard for phenomenal growth. Baby sitting is one of them. Home tutoring is another. So has been the catering of meals, matchmaking husbands and brides to be and son on. The earnings of HOME BUSINESS individuals vary.

What each does and offers vary and so does the intensity of hours spent vary, The end results of two same businesses vary. Anyone can learn to earn through participation, sharing, discussing, asking and exchanging ideas and views. 

Income for HOME PARTY PLAN BUSINESS PRACTITIONERS can be five, four or three figures, income monthly. While there is no guarantee or projections for actual earnings or profits, your success in this business results from continuity, efforts, desire, initiative, talent and working closely with mentors and seniors. awaits you. 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Leading the session: Lisa Akesson, International Communication Skills Trainer & Specialist Voice Coach                                                                               

With an English Degree and a love of the theatre, she trained as an Actress and then specialised in Voice Coaching at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London and is also a master practitioner of NLP.
Lisa has worked with many distinguished clients across the world in the international business, public & corporate sectors including Bloomberg, Coca Cola, Barclays, CNN, Cisco and the NHS, and was invited to speak on BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour on how “Women MPs and businesswomen can effectively use their voices to be heard”.
Her passion has always been about people, language and communication and she has a particular interest in empowering women to become impactful leaders.
What is Personal Impact? We certainly recognise it when we see it in others. That powerful presence that captures you when someone walks into the room, gives a pitch, chairs a meeting, leads a team, powerfully influences or speaks in public. The truth is we are constantly creating an impact on those around us, whether we take centre stage or sit quietly in a corner. People pick up on everything about us and swiftly evaluate; how we dress, our body language, what we say and how we say it.

As a woman, standing out, being seen and heard, having impact and exuding confidence are essential skills if you want to be taken seriously, move up the career ladder, take on leadership roles or run your own business.
Whatever your professional profile, however skilled you are, you will always be remembered for the impact you make. The question is, what kind of impact are you creating and is it getting you the recognition, validation and success you deserve?
Reasons to attend:
  • If you want to understand how quickly we make impressions and what you need to do in order to have “Personal Impact”
  • If you want to come across with authority and be seen as the expert in your field
  • If you want to stand out, have presence and be confident
  • If you want to have a voice that has gravitas and is heard
  • If you want to be seen as a credible and respected leader
You will discover how to: 

  • Find your physical presence and own your space
  • Discover skills and techniques to help manage your nerves, compose 
yourself and come across with confidence
  • Use eye contact, hand gestures and pause to strengthen your message
  • Unlock your voice and be heard with power and strength
  • Flex your behavioural style to powerfully influence others
  • Be memorable

Monday, 15 May 2017


   (1)"GO DIAMOND"                                                                Saturday Afternoon Workshops. 3pm-6pm 
        (2) "MOVE SELF AHEAD"                                                                                                                                                                                           Wednesday Afternoon Workshops. 3pm-6pm
Male and female candidates aged above 21 benefit from these 
workshops, practical sessions and hand held coaching programme. 

Choose any one of the above two BUSINESS OWNERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAMMES scheduled and conducted in Jaya 33, Jalan Semangat, Petaling Jaya. Commencing in May 2017, the training includes gaining courage, building self confidence, step by step approach into commencement of business, building the business, getting and maintaining customers, and knowing what needs doing and more. 

  • 52 coaching sessions. 
  • Business success worksheets. 
  • Nutraceuticals worth RM1650/=
  • 52 weekly A4 lessons on selling.
  • 52 weekly A4 lessons on leadership.
    during the first 90 days 
    after 10  workshops......and s
    ubject to terms and conditions. 

    Contact K Thiruselvam at 016-3712762, to get more details and to register 

    • MORE and MORE WOMEN are on success missions.
    • MORE and MORE WOMEN are earning great commissions. 
    • MORE and MORE WOMEN are succeeding in own businesses.
    • MORE and MORE WOMEN are giving up salaried positions?
    • MORE and MORE WOMEN have self empowered themselves.

     within each woman an inner motivation to excel! 

    It is not just to succeed in life, but satisfying an inner urge of proving to be self dependent. Ownership of a business activity enables women to express their inner skills and ability, cross society set income levels, and have access to more materials ownership, besides the opportunity to mix with more people. Once ventured, women have shown repeatedly that theirlevels of confidence and distinct ability to drive dreams to reality cannot be suppressed. Almost all of them, but the few need the initial pat and push from behind.

    Over the years, more and more women are starting or want to start a business to call their own. Women are into an assortment of owned businesses and are enjoying admirable success. Women are loving the pleasures derived from that realised desire to own a business, which now allows them to control their time, their destiny, the flexibility, the earned financial independence and their belief becoming true that there is a better way to live life and earn more. They have proven this in any and whatever the chosen endeavour be.

    Their discovered success needs is not so much skills or experiences, which of course they acquire over time. Almost all women say that attributes contributed to their success. They define dedication, keenness, patience and perseverance and the will to try several times contributed the success.

    Added to that was a sense of creativity, tenacity, confidence, 
    courage and will to learn. Improving attempts after attempts, learning along the way, and open mindedness has put them on the success path.Once they have laid a basic tract and pathway for continued action, many women very boldly put their career, life, energy and past on the line. Their positive determination over rules the initial condemnations of family members, friends and work colleagues. Even the presence of competition and male dominated businesses is a whisper.

    What about you? Do you work hard? Do you have the will to work hard? Just ask yourself if you are a self disciplined person? Are you open minded, ready to learn, keen to try, persevere; enthusiastic, ready to pick yourself up after each fall, patient but filled with passion and full of endurance to learn? 

    It is your turn to look at and consider yourself for a workable business plan. That first quality is keenness to know. We will meet you and share with you details about being Home Party Plan NUTRITION and SKIN CARE Consultants in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Ipoh, Seremban and Penang. 

    Candidates may be working, working or stay home mothers, retired couples, singles, or students awaiting results. All applicants must speak good English, willing to learn and wanting to earn big. 

    Call Mr K Thiruselvam at 016-3712762 for an appointment.

    Thursday, 11 May 2017

    How Entrepreneurs Earn $!!!K within 2 years!! 

    Simply put it means to “Work Smarter and Not Harder” As we learn to leverage and automate and network, we allow ourselves more time and venues to make as much money as possible with as little effort and energy as possible. While earning an income, creating a passive and parallel income is what entrepreneurs can do, and doing so is no extra dime spent, but a growing income for more people. 
    What you would be interested is how much money can you earn within 24 months, how much effort is this going to take, how much do I need to spend or invest, how much time of my daily life will this take and what becomes of my efforts after 24 months? We have used 24 months as a time frame. It can be more or less and is up to the entrepreneur to be.
    MOVE SELF AHEAD and GO DIAMOND are training programmes to help any individual get started. Both are the same. One on Wednesday afternoons for the benefit of stay home mothers or women in shift duties. The other on Saturday afternoons for the employed and others. This is not special training, but coaching, guiding, confidence and self esteem building and practicals on person to person basis and income generating created situations. Everyone starts equal, from the ground up and everyone has the same destination. Arrival time may differ.
    To earn, needs training, guidance and mentoring. You got to love the learning process and above all is believe in self and ability with trust in others in your training group. Make the decision. Join and get started. The business is yours. Starting a business - any business- is not easy. Getting used to changes takes time. 
    Fears, doubts, apprehensions and procrastination are comforting enemies, that delays or stops the start attitude. Within a month, negative elements have flown out the window. When positivism and passion dominates, nothing stops you. Past attempts, failures and no successes are the very reasons to get started again and again. 
    Be stubborn to begin. Be stubborn to allocate time. Be stubborn to be committed. Be organized. Be planned.

    Saturday, 6 May 2017

    Always Believe. Believe in yourself first.

    Within you is an urging, ticking mechanism that propels you. It may be that you want to start a lady's chapter, or to start a nursery cum day care at home or to get into the baking cum catering business. 

    Whatever that be, it dawned from within and very often prompts you to get started. START. START SLOW if you must. START WITH CAUTION with small bites. START and SET IN MOTION. Let voition take time,.Always believe in YOURSELF. Discuss with the right people, they who encourage and not those who dampen. Trust your instincts.. Know you CAN. See your own strengths. Dream it Dare it.

    DO what you are afraid of. Keep the faith. Follow your vision. Remember ANYTHING is possible If only ..........