Friday, 28 April 2017

How Are Mothers Earning EXTRA Income?

Women love the concept of meeting, chatting and in the process building up their direct sales work and efforts. However the greater majority do not want to recruit others and whom they meet and know into their business. Why is this so?   

Women can delve single handedly into any form of products or services business. It could be health, beauty, home care, child care, hobby or one of any many others. Women have a hidden talent and want for entrepreneurship. They simply do not have the courage, the support or introductions that they can emulate at self set pace. So many if only are provided hand held coaching will become the better and caring bosses of the future and help many others to reinvent their lives and a reconstructed life for a better future. 

More and more women, are reorganising themselves, set own schedules, better time manage themselves and are on excellent pathways and strictly as commissions and incentives earners. The many training programmes alongside the coaching and guiding sessions, and self involvement help build the business. Slowly but surely, one learns about every aspect of business building, customer service, and more. You choose to elevate your business and grow your business as big as you want it to be.  As the business and volume grows, your commissions increase. 

Women are loving the flexibility.  Women are loving the freedom, the fun and the constantly found and evolving variety and group of customers. Women are loving being their own boss.  Women are loving the training, coaching, handheld guidance, care and attention. Women are loving their new found confidence and their new found self independence, .

Do not overthink, do not over analyse, do not be too self critical, and do not kill your own growth and self momentum. Doubts are traitors. Do not let others who dare not open a window, stop you from opening your doors. Do not think that you have to know everything and do not think that you will be left behind. Your enthusiasm, dreams and desires will deliver you success in doses.

  • You will have the time.
  • You will have the flexibility. 
  • You will be yourself, wife and mother. 
  • You will create your success path. 
  • You will benefit the community, 
  • You will give a lift in life to many others. 
You can try without losing anything. Gain friends, have fun, get repeat business, watch the volume and income grow in a home based business.  We stand beside you, until you are ready. Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Selangor residents of other townships may call K Thiruselvam at 016-3712762 
(Other states by special arrangements only)  

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday Women...
... is about women helping women,  
and women empowering themselves.  

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women building courage, confidence and self- convictions, 
women nurturing improved self-esteem,  women becoming better persons,   women choosing to gather, to exchange, to live happier, 
to be more productive,  to better utilise time for self, family and the community; and live fulfilled lives. 

Women meeting to become each others resource of encouragement, 
enjoy greater income and professional success, gain and give support, 
and discover new friendships. Women accounting true stories, experiences, struggles and victories that become one another’s lessons.

*wonderfulwednesdaywomen is an empowerment place 
to feel free and nurture self growth. Every woman is invited into this life changing, evolving, friendship sessions. 

P O Box 1120, Jalan Semangat, 46870 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
K Thiruselvam 016-3712762   

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Within your hearts, you have wanted to be in a business to call it your own. NOW within your palms has arrived an EXCELLENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Clasp and grip before it vanishes from your thoughts and action. This is absolutely suitable for every stay home or working mother. 
How could it be possible for any stay home or working mother to develop the skills and ability and become an entrepreneur? You only need to think yourself as a PROMOTIONS BUSINESS OWNER..If you are already ready to know more and reside in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya or Selangor, you just need to call, message or whatsapp 016-3712762. You get all the details, explanations and the HOW DO I GET STARTED? This is without any obligations. 
Every BUSINESS needs promotions. Promotions enhance a business and reaches more people. Both products and service need continuing enhancement. You can become a part of this promotional aspect of the business worth millions of Ringgit.  
This NO RISK OPPORTUNITY enables you to take advantage of this demand sector. This too at your own convenience and self set pace. You are your own boss. You make the rules. You set your own schedules. You determine when you want to work. You decide which and how many daily hours that you want to work. You decide what clients that you want to pursue. You decide the how, what, when and why about your business. This flexibility allows you to work around your busy schedule and within parameters that you define. It is the perfect opportunity for today's stay-at-home or working mothers.
EVERYTHING IS TAUGHT. Every aspect is coached. You have no inventory to maintain. You have no quotas. You pursuit with minimal infringement on your home and personal life. You simply get the basics in order and we do the rest. We process your business. We take care of the 90% factor.
To top it off, you income gets to be banked in directly into your accounts on both weekly and monthly basis. You label what you do as a part-time or full time business owner, as both are the same.
The majority of business opportunities expect registration fees, yearly renewal fees and so on. You are t offered the chance to begin instantly. Nothing is FREE of charge but you will ask us why are we not charging for this, for that and the expenses. You compare. You test the value of this business opportunity. If you decide you'd like to, just get started after knowing more about the opportunity,
You will instantly get your PROMOTIONS BUSINESS up and running. You being our partner comes with assurance, confident partnering, and success assurance. 
So what if you are a busy stay home mother.
This is a risk-free career opportunity that offers flexibility, freedom and near unlimited earning potential, Working mothers will quit their jobs within months of getting started.
Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor families may call 016-3712762 for K Thiruselvam  

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


  PETALING JAYA 26th April 2017
RAWANG 30th April 2017
by an empowerment chapter
  • 52 coaching sessions.
  • Business success worksheets and materials.
  • Nutraceuticals worth RM1650/=
  • 52 weekly A4 lessons by post on selling.
  • 52 weekly A4 lessons by post on leadership.
SKIN CARE WORKSHOP NEEDS worth RM899/= during the first 90 days after 6 workshops.
(subject to terms and conditions)

All above for RM1850/=

      *Make your payment for RM1850.00= to
K.Thiruselvam s/o T Kandasamy (510703-10-5985)                                 @ CIMB A/C 80-0083951-2                                 

*Contact Details: Tel: 016-3712762
   Mail: P O Box 1120, Jln Semangat, 46870 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Soon in: *Penang *Ipoh *Seremban *Johor Bahru *Kuantan *Malacca *Kota Bahru *Kuching *Kota Kinabalu

Sunday, 9 April 2017

  • WORKING or STAY HOME women are now being groomed to initiate party plans in their own homes, within their neighbourhood and even in offices and clubs or societies. Training is hand on and you get to be shown how to organise party plan events, make them become interested in the event and increase the attendees. Progressively move into doing 6 to 10 parties monthly. You get to earn excellent earnings. You get to win excellent incentives. Please text me your expression of interest to Mr JK Thiru                      @ 016-3712762, and I will call you back to get the first party moving.
  • You may know of friends or relatives, interested in starting SKIN CARE WORKSHOPS as a business activity. This is an excellent opportunity that nurtures "SKIN CARE". Every individual and family get to benefit from this skin care products range.
  • Networking and contained marketing is the 2017 way forward. This is the perfect time time to join; to get started; to pioneer your own business. "MOVE SELF AHEAD" is an empowerment programme by ladies for ladies. Join the chapter WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY WOMEN and enhance yourself health wise, come wise and community wise. This empowerment programme is to be filled with with a wide variety of activities.

This may interest you. You may want to know more. Do enquire. Quench that curiosity within. Do get in touch. A call or even a message will commence our meeting needs and a friendly discussion. We can chat. Message me at or or at 016-3712762 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

KEEP DREAMING. Follow Your Heart


Would you like to be coached, guided and trained to develop at your pace a flexible, home based business opportunity. 

We are doing aa APRIL SPECIAL. You have a chance to find out and get involved, if you are interested. 

  • QUALITY Training
  •  ATTRACTIVE Coaching
  • EXCELLENT Follow Up
  •  GREAT Flexibility 

                                                       good information helps you decide. 
                                                      Kindly call K Thiru at 016-3712762

  • Female business ownership is increasing rapidly. What could it be? Are women getting tired of long hours and low wages; or are they feeling lesser secure leaving children with maids; or do they want to complement and contribute towards total home income? Whatever the reason, more women are sold on the idea of being a boss, operate a small business, and have hours and situations under their control.
  • It is true. It is not difficult. Required ingredients for business success is initiative, some simple time planning, courage and in the early stages. some coaching, guidance and training. For those becoming their own bosses and starting up small businesses, the following simple tips would help the beginners succeed in a business that they can call their own. 
  • is for you. Discover more about PARTY PLAN BUSINESS. This is amongst the easiest form of business for women. Anyone can do them. No special training is needed. The first party that you choose to do will automatically spur you to do one after the other. Results of the first party , the simplicity of the first party, the observed fun, the earned income, the gossip, fun, laughter and the positive reaction of the attendees, will get you in motion and increasing income,                       from each party. Discover the truth. 

Sunday, 2 April 2017

2017 Begins Your Dream.


CHOOSE 2017. You can start your own business. Grow it steadily and make your spare hours to be fruitful; gain a range of experiences, build your confidence levels and end 2017 with a better bank balance. 

Anyone above age 21 is invited to get started. Working and stay home mothers will find this to be interesting. The retrenched and the graduates population awaiting employment will find this business training, introduction and growth to be very very rewarding and meaningful. Singles and couples will find the extra income taking them places and getting their extra wants. College and university students with good time management skills will find this training, guidance and grooming to be rewarding. 

2017 is in your hands and you can mould it the way you want it to endYou can try without losing anything. Gain friends, have fun, get repeat business, watch the volume and income grow in a home based business.  We stand beside you, until you are ready. 

Petaling Jaya, Rawang and Selangor residents of other townships 
may call 016-3712762 (Other states by special arrangements only) 

Saturday, 1 April 2017

90 minutes

Join us for the 90 minutes know how session about Health and Wellness plus Skin Care Business. The 90 minutes preview sessions are on Wednesdays.

Arriving early is your plus factor. The 90 minutes sessions are between 3pm and 7pm. Discover the power of change in your daily meals. Why is there this need for supplements. Hear, meet and know from others, the changes in life and health scenarios, the corrective and preventive measures, and resetting ourselves on a journey of improved and protected life and living. 

Meet the excited, the confident and self changed individuals learning and pursuing a business that is all about nutrition first and complementing that with skin care. It would be your choice to build an impressive business with growing teams around the country. 

Join us Wednesday to get the scoop!
We meet at Tgkt 7, Tower One, in Jaya 33 complex, Jln Semangat, 46870 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
For details and directions, do  
call 016-3712762 for K Thiruselvam