Value your business. Start solo or in partnership. It will takes a long time Step by step in the chosen direction without losing focus on chosen destination, make you the winner. Get a mentor if you must, to bounce and reason the mnay trials and tribulations. 
Be authentic. Doing what needs doing sincerely. Be honest. Be humble. Do away with pretense. Reality matters. 
The majotity around you will not understand why are you putting yourself into a business, why all that sacrifices, why the spending, why the meetings, why that many late houred days, why all that time on the road, phone, computer and with others. They and all around you will never understand, for thy do not own the vision and direction you have chosen. You want to make it happen. Not them.
Step by step. Laying one brick at a time. Little successeses at a time. Laying the foundation is much longer time with absolute care and calculations than the time in raising the visible building above the ground. Meet your demands, deams and fulfill your goals and visions. Not for others who comment, impose and redirect you. A business is a non existent entity being given the breath of life, and that is challenging. A business pushes one to the extremes, tests both mental and physical strengths, tests your qualities of perseverance, persistence, patience and more, including your commitment to your choice. Start before you’re ready. Start the very moment. Never procrastinate and that in itself is the first test. Waiting never arrives. Starting does.

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