Monday, 26 December 2016

#wonderfulwednesdaywomen is about #women and their vision into their future.
Empowered women deliver more to themselves, their families and their women friends.
They help to coach, support and encourage more women to become empowered.
They help to shine the light and help to show the way. Together they help to hold each other's ladder and enable the climb to higher, better, healthier and wealthier planes of life.

#wonderfulwednesdaywomen is about women helping women at work and women at home.
Everyone from stay and work at home #wives or #mothers, work in office wives and mothers, women entrepreneurs and single women get coached and guided. Women want to get started in business, women want to be enriched in health and wellness, life and living, women want to be in charitable events, women wanting to build back courage,confidence and self- convictions, women want to nurture self-esteem, women becoming better persons, women choosing to gather, to exchange,... to live happier, to be more productive, to better utilise time for self, family and the community; and more. 

#wonderfulwednesdaywomen is about gathering for encouragement, fun and to gain or to give and support friendships. Women accounting true story’s, experiences, struggles and victories that become one another’s lessons. #wonderfulwednesdaywomen is a place to feel free, feel empowered and nurture self growth. 

Every woman is invited into this life changing, evolving, #empowerment and friendship sessions.
We invite you to find out more. We invite you to add more strong women into #wonderfulwednesdaywomen .#wonderfulwednesdaywomen meets every Wednesday in Level 7, Tower One, Jaya 33, Jalan Semangat, Petaling jaya, Selangor.....and soon in other parts of the country.
Call 016-3712762 for K Thiru and confirm your Wednesday hours and presence. 

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