Saturday, 31 December 2016

Discover this week in LIVE YOUR LIFE what is weight management, what obesity is doing to people and what can be done to control obesity and reduce body weight. Attend and discover more and this award winning product will amaze you.Come along with friends on Wednesday.                                               4.1.2017                                            
                   Venue and hour with details in the poster above.                      Call 016-3712762 for K Thiruselvam for details or directions.

=========================================================================WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY WOMEN 
is a group of women getting together, growing bigger in numbers and as individual persons. 2017 will see more women using the 52 WEDNESDAYS of 2017, between 3pm and 7pm for self betterment, improvement and personal development.

Talks, Discussions, Charitable Activities and even expansions into other Malaysian towns is in place and planned for in 2017. will be your page to share thoughts and to comment as well.

Choose your convenient hour between 3pm and 7pm to meet us and say hello
or meet us earlier at 7.00pm ...before the actual 8pm LIVE YOUR LIFE session. Your friends can come along, too. 

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